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Rotary Raft Race 2018 - Online Application

Rules for Raft Construction and Race


  1. The size of the raft is completely open, so long as it is light enough to be carried, launched and recovered by its crew.

  2. The crew must not exceed 8 members, all of whom must be competent swimmers, wear life jackets or buoyancy aids and be at least 18 years of age.

  3. The raft’s buoyancy must not use marine methods or materials. A raft is a floating platform made of materials that were manufactured for purposes other than a boat.

  4. Acceptable and recommended materials are:
    barrels, drums, containers, tyre inner tubes, large pipes, planks, insulation board and polystyrene.

  5. Old oil drums or containers that have held fertilisers or toxic chemicals have to be seen to have been cleaned thoroughly.

  6. Fixings can be lashings and ties, using any of the following:
    rope, cord, wire, sticky tape, expanding foam and papier mache.

  7. Bolts and screws must be countersunk: bolts must be cropped and any sharp edges covered with suitable protective padding.

  8. Rafts must be powered by paddles, oars or sails made from domestic materials. No motors will be permitted.

  9. All parts of the raft are to be home-made, with the exception of the paddles or oars for which, if home-made, screws and bolts will be allowed.

  10. All sharp or angled edges on the finished raft must be covered with protective padding.

  11. Each raft must display their allocated raft number in a contrasting colour on both sides of a board at least 2 feet x 2 feet able to be visible from the shore.

  12. The following will not be allowed on any raft:
    alcohol, weapons (including flour ‘bombs’).

  13. Any raft that does not comply with these rules will not be allowed to launch and the entry fee will be forfeit. The decision of the Raft Security Officer will be final.


  1. Participants take part at their own risk and no liability is accepted by Rotary International or Thorpe Bay Yacht Club for any loss, damage or injury however caused.

  2. Weather conditions on the day of the race will determine the length of the race course and, if necessary, whether the event has to be cancelled. The decision of the Event Safety Officer will be final. Entry fees are non-refundable.

  3. No raft or participants are allowed on the TBYC launch slipway which is to be kept clear for emergency access only.

  4. Rafts will assemble in the secure area on the grass to the west of Thorpe Bay Yacht Club (TBYC) dinghy park where they will be examined for compliance with the rules above.

  5. The captain of each crew must hand in at Registration the liability disclaimer, signed by every member of his/her crew.

  6. Race order will be determined by raft numbers drawn in a secret ballot before the event. Rafts to be carried by their crews to the beach via the public slipway.

  7. Once launched, rafts will paddle to the holding area to the east of the race course.

  8. The race route will finish between the two large orange buoys at a distance of 200 or 300 yards (depending on the weather conditions on the day).

  9. The race route will be marked by two lines of smaller pencil buoys placed parallel to the shore and finishing between the two large orange buoys at a distance of 200 or 300 yards (depending on the weather conditions on the day).

  10. To finish, the raft and all its crew must cross the finish line.

  11. Once past the finish, rafts will turn towards the shore and paddle back to the launch beach and return to the secure area on the grass to the west of TBYC dinghy park.

  12. If a raft cannot finish, or cannot after finishing return to the launch beach, the crew must come ashore where they can and then carry the raft back to the launch beach.

  13. There will be kayak and paddle board safety personnel along the route with powered safety craft outside the route able to be called in to assist in case of an emergency.

  14. No interference with other rafts will be allowed. Race marshals will report any such activity for possible disqualification of the offending raft.

  15. The launch beach will be closed to the public and only crews or event marshals will be allowed access.

  16. No flotsam, jetsam or other debris is to be left in the water or on the beaches. Each crew is responsible for the recovery of any such material that originated from their raft.
I confirm that I have read and agreed these Rules and Regulations and will share them with every member of my crew.

Don’t forget to select from the list the charity for which you will be racing and raising funds. If your favourite charity is not on the list, please contact with the name, address and registered charity number for it to be added.

I wish to enter one raft in the 2018 Southend Raft Race

£200.00 per team Entry Fee

Terms and Conditions

By submitting an entry I accept that sporting events can be strenuous and dangerous.  I accept that the organisers cannot be held responsible for personal injury, accident, loss, damage or public liability. 

Your registration information will also be passed to the charity that you have nominated.

Refunds of online payments may be given occasionally at the discretion of the Trustees – Registered Charity 1036005

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